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Offshore & Onshore Rig Training Center

We provide Well sharp, Well Control, Rig pass, DIT-H2S, Roustabout Training, Floorman Training, and Assistant Driller training & all kind of rig employees training. Hence, if you are happy with our services, please support us further by passing on the information about Eagle Well Control to your friends and family.

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The training of Human Resources on the well control is always important in order to perform safeoperations. The need for skilled workers is always high in demand in the industry. When it comes to the standard of training, the International Well Control Forum (IWCF) and the International Association of Drilling Contractors( IADC) are setting the standards.

I, Jinny Jose Akkara, am part of eagle well control as a Chairman and instructor. My carrier started with premium drilling jack-up rig as a roustabout and then became a toolpusher. During these my rig life, I was life, I was able to work in a number of companies @ EDC, Aban, JDC, Seadril, Hercules, Ensco,Rowan, premium drilling, GPT, etc. Then I started LRR private limited and then collaborate withCrewpetro private limited as an instructor. Finally, now I became part of the eagle well control workover, well servicing, and safety training at Supervisor, Driller & Introductory Levels. Our accredited well control program provides comprehensive well control standards for the oil & gas handle well control incidents. The students are taught by highly qualified professionals who had worked in the industry for decades. Our state-of-the-art training and technology-based human-centric approach increase competency, learning experience, and knowledge retention.

We are always proud of our team for Delivering innovative training solutions in the field of Well Control into reality. It is our endeavor to update the companion from time to time to keep up withthe new technologies and continue to grow in the field.

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JOHN GEORGE (Director)

In oil industry operations, well control is an important aspect. Training of Human Resources on the well control is of utmost importance in order to perform safe operations.

Our Eagle Well Control Institution is accredited by International Well Control Forum (IWCF) and International Association of Drilling Contractors (IADC). The faculty of our Institution are highly qualified and have rich working experience of the field. The students are taught on well control operation during drilling for blowout prevention and emergency situation by creating field like environment.

I believe that this companion shall not only help the field personnel to acquire necessary well control related knowledge and skills but also facilitate in developing the competency and awareness for handling critical situations during well control.

I desire that all personnel engaged in drilling operations should undergo the well control training to ensure safe field operations.

Needless to say, it shall be our Endeavor to update the companion from time to time so as to keep pace with changing technology.


Privileges of Eagle Well Control

• All faculties are working in both Jack up and Land rigs in various designations such as Toolpusher, Driller, Chief mechanic & Assistant Driller
• e have IWCF and IADC accredited simulator cyber base version system.
• Students can learn from live streaming about all rig equipment and works, where mobiles and cameras are not allowed.
• This is feasible because All faculties are working on rigs.
• Eagle Well Control is active in rig training; hence we have a huge source of study materials.
• We are accredited by IWCF & IADC organizations
• We have Well control approved instructors
• All classrooms are air-conditioned with exquisitely designed interiors
• We have ceaseless services and maintain a healthy relationship with every batch.
• We all love special occasions. Eagle Well Control celebrate all special days of individuals and festivals.
• Explore beauty of Kerala by visiting nearest Tourist places. Many Tourist Attractions are within reach.
• Providing Individual laptop for IWCF training

Company Information

Eagle Well Control Private Limited (Formerly Crewpetro Pvt Ltd.) is a privately owned training and recruitment assisting company operating from Cochin, India. And has training centers in (Koratty) Thrissur.

Our firm is an institution that provides IWCF Well Control Courses, IADC Wellsharp Courses, Rigpass, H2S awareness courses, Roustabout training courses, Floorman training courses, Assistant Driller training courses, etc....

Whose are interested or wish to join or get an entry or they need to get promotions in rig etc.... they can join these courses learning for roustabout, floorman and AD training IADC & IWCF are the organization entitled to provide valid certification for candidates in Drilling, well intervention & workover rigs.

Our firm is an institution, that provides training for Offshore, Onshore drilling rigs & Platform employees & freshers, those who are interested to work in the Oil & Gas industry. By learning this course, candidates will be able to do work in a rig like an experienced person (They will get deep knowledge of Drilling Industry) & certificates help them to secure a job. After course completion we assist candidates 100% in getting a job in Offshore Platform, Jack up rigs & Land rigs.

Classes are taken by Rig crew, who are working presently in Offshore & Onshore drilling rigs with more than 10 years of experience in supervisor-level positions such as Tool Pusher, Driller, Assistant Driller & Chief Mechanic. We have trained many candidates to date which includes freshers as well as experienced ones.

Many freshers successfully completed their Roustabout and Floorman Training program and many candidates have done their well-control courses. Our sole aim is to get an entry to the fresh candidates in offshore and onshore drilling rigs.

It has been a successful and happy journey because many of our candidates got placed with good rig companies including NDC, KDC, NABORS, FOCUS ENERGY, RATNAM ENERGY, ABAN, JAGSON, COSL, SEADRILL, ADNOC, AKASH EXPLORATIONS and many more. We hereby heartily congratulate all of them and motivate others.

We have a range of custom-made safety courses for Supervisors, Rig crew & Fresher to provide the knowledge necessary to perform a job safely by establishing expectations for employees on how to perform job tasks. Knowledge acquired by participation in training is one of the methods used to create an effective safety culture. Failure to participate in mandatory safety training will cause the individual to risk injury. This not only impacts our future but also places a company in a state of unforeseen future.