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A floor man, also referred to as a roughneck, operates a different range of equipment involved in the drilling operations. In oil fields, roughneck duties include works involved with connecting pipe down to the well bore, as well as general works around the rig. Floorman, it's the 2 lowest posts in Drilling Department This course has more than 200 topics. Mud balance, Hoisting, Circulating, Rotating system, Slip & Cut, Top drive, Mud pump, Well design, BOP, Accumulator, Wellhead, Slip, Elevators, and Tong. Easy tong Iron roughneck, tripping in, and out, Trip tank, Shale shaker, Sand trap, Mud pits, Cement unit, Greasing points, etc. Salary varies from Rs 25000/month to 1 lack depending on Rig management.

Our Instructors

  • Jinny Jose Akkara : Toolpusher
  • Chekson N Cheriyan : Rig Superintendent
  • John George : Driller
  • Cherson N Cheriyan : Driller